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Extended abstract should be written in the same format with the full text and must contain min 1000-max 1500 words and must have followings;

 Extended Abstract Content:

Title (8 pt upper case)

Author (s)’s name and institution (8 pt)

Abstract (8 pt, 200 words max)

Key words (8 points, max 5)

• Introduction : Purpose and Scope of Paper

• Literature Review: Questions and/or hypotheses of the research

• Method and Data

• Findings and Discussions

• Conclusions and Recommendations

• References


Text should be written in as MS Word document with 8pt.Font should be Verdana with the page spaces; top: 4,5 cm; bottom: 4,5 cm, left: 4,5 and right: 4,5 cm. Line and paragraph settings should be 1,5. There should be 9nk space before paragraphs and 6nk space after paragraph. And the text should be justified. Footnote should be written in 7pt.


• Full Text Reports must include the following sections in order (maximum of 12 pages in total):

• Paper Title (8 pt upper case)

• Author (s)’s name and institution (8 pt)

• Summary (8 pt, 200 words max)

• Key words (8 points, max 5)

• The title of the paper is English (if the document is English, it is Turkish)

• English abstract

• English words (key words)

• Full-text (including literature and result)

• References

Notification Qualification of the Paper

• The paper must be original and not previously presented at another national / international congress.

• Full text notification can not exceed a total of 12 pages including summary, references, attachments, figures and tables.

• Main headings in the text should be bold and large, subheadings shall be bold, and only the first letters should be capitalized without a number.

• No spaces should be placed before and after main titles, subtitles, tables and figures.

• Paragraphs should not be started farther away from the margin.

• Verdana can be used in 7 points in order to save space in the tables and figures included in the text.

• One author references should be used in the text as in the surname of the author, publication date and page number (Yazgan, 2000: 25), two authors publications (Yüce and Can, 2006: 45),more than two authors publications (Türk et al., 2000 : 60).

• ll references used in the text should be listed alphabetically in the "references" section and the author (s) s surname, first name (s) first letter (s), publication year in brackets, name of the source, The name of the meeting, the name of the publisher and the city), the volume of the source (if any), and the page number (for the articles). Sample:

Şimşek, Ö. (2007). Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling: Basic Principles and Lisrel Practices. Ankara: Ekinoks.

Akbıyık, A. & Coşkun, E. (2012) A Study on Determining Factors Affecting Acceptance of Social Software Use in Distance Education Environments . Çankırı Karatekin University Journal of Social Sciences Institute, Volume 3, Issue 2, November.

Languages of Congress

• The languages of the Congress are Turkish, Romanian and English.

Number of Authors

• Papers may be written by up to 3 writers. Papers with more than 3 writers will not be accepted. The paper can only be provided by the author or one of its authors.

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